Rory Feek’s ‘This Life I Live’ Book Hits Bestsellers Lists

rory feek this life i live

photo: Joey + Rory Facebook

Rory's Feek's 'This Life I Live' book has made quite the impact on multiple bestsellers lists. More details on its success here!

Rory Feek’s This Life I Live has certainly struck a chord with fans. The book, released on February 14th, has hit No. 1 on the Wall Street Journal‘s non-fiction bestsellers list, No. 1 on Publisher’s Weekly‘s non-fiction list, No. 2 on the New York Times’ hardcover non-fiction list, No. 3 on the Washington Post‘s non-fiction list, and No. 12 on USA Today‘s list since its release.

The captivating book details Rory’s life prior to meeting Joey, their marriage’s ups and downs, Joey’s cancer battle, and the aftermath of her loss a year ago.

“Joey would be so proud of this book. I know she would. She’s always encouraged me to share our story and to one day, tell mine, and how she became part of it. And it’s finally come to be. Because of her. She’s still making my dreams come true, even now. Though it was my hands that typed the words and my name will be on the front cover, it isn’t just my book. It’s ours. Joey’s and mine. Half of the book is about her. About us together. About me without her now,” Rory reflected via his blog prior to the book’s debut.

rory feek this life i live
photo: HarperCollins
In a recent interview with USA Today about his book, the songwriter gave us insight into his current status. “It’s strange because she’s been gone a year, but I don’t feel like she’s very far away. I didn’t know what I would feel, but I didn’t expect her to be so present — I mean present in my heart, my life and in our daily activities, in our conversations.”

If you haven’t enjoyed the book yet, listen to Rory reading the first 20 minutes of ‘This Life I Live’ below.

Rory has been through such an emotional roller coaster over the last few years, it’s great to see him enjoy success. He certainly has a special knack for expressing himself and conveying some really powerful themes in such an approachable manner.

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