Country Music Star Rory Feek’s Farm Damaged By Storm

rory feek's farm

photo: Rory Feek Blog/ Instagram

Country music singer-songwriter Rory Feek's farm in rural Tennessee was hit by a strong storm earlier this week. More here.

Country music singer-songwriter Rory Feek‘s farm in rural Tennessee has suffered damage from a strong storm.

“Last night just before dark, a big storm came blowing through our back field,” Rory Feek shared via his blog on Tuesday (6/18). “Hard rain and straight-lined winds of over 60 mph came in all of a sudden and left just about as quickly.”

The star and his family were not on the property when the storm rolled through, but they were able to check out the aftermath the next morning.

“I woke up to find the wind had knocked Joey’s ‘potty shed’ over and brought lots of limbs down in the front yard and the back yard,” Rory explained along with some pictures of the damage. “The laundry that had been on the clothesline was scattered in the back yard and the benches in the cemetery were toppled over. All in all, though, it could have been so much worse.”

Although cleaning up the mess is no fun, Indy provided some real wisdom to her dad.

“It’s okay Papa,” the little one told her father. “It happens sometimes.”

We’re happy to see that the family’s farmhouse was spared and so was the property’s Hardison Mill School.

Rory Feek’s farm is a very special place and we wish the Feek family the best as they put everything back together! Share this update with other fans.

Rory Feek’s Farm in Pictures and Videos

Rory has recently started performing on stage again and will be doing concerts one weekend a month in 2019 at the concert hall at his farm (except for in July). He will also be doing six Christmas shows in late November and early December.

Hardison Mill, Tennessee

DATES: June 21, 22… Aug 9, 10… Sept 13, 14… Oct 18, 19… Nov 29, 30… Dec 6, 7, 13, 14* (*November and December dates are Christmas concerts)

DOORS: 6:00 PM


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