Rory Feek Has Wonderful Surprise for Daughter Indy Feek

rory feek and indy feek

photo: Joey + Rory Facebook

Shhhhh, Country singer Rory Feek is busy coordinating something very special for his 2-year-old daughter Indy Feek...

Okay, this is AMAZING. Indy Feek is going to meet her hero very, very soon and she has no idea what’s in store!

In his most recent This Life I Live blog post, Rory Feek reveals that Baby Signing Time star Rachel and her family are going to be heading out to Tennessee for a special visit!

Enjoy some kid-friendly Signing Time magic below!

“In no time, Indy was signing “more” and “please” to us. We were stunned. We knew it would be a year or more before Indy would be able to say real words to us, so when she started signing, we were so proud and excited. But not as excited as Indiana was. She came alive when she watched the videos. They weren’t just entertainment, they were connection. Connection to her mama and daddy and to the world around her,” Rory discusses the impact of Rachel’s sign language program on little Indy.

Actively learning ASL is one of Indy’s favorite thing to do and Rory received an unexpected surprise when he got an email from Rachel herself.

“And she said she wanted come to Tennessee and do something for Indy and her friends. And so, this Saturday night… that’s going to happen. Indy doesn’t know anything about it. Rachel and her family are flying in tomorrow evening and on Friday afternoon, she and Leah are going to come to Indy’s school and do a little performance for all the kids at High Hopes. And then on Saturday eve at 5:30, they’re going to do a longer performance in our barn/concert hall for Indy and a lot other kids and their parents,” explains Rory.

Better yet, the special show is going to be recorded and live-streamed. Proceeds from the live-stream are going to help the very worthy Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation. More info can be found here.

Dreams really do come true!

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