Rory Feek Finds Comfort in Simple Front Porch Ritual

Rory Feek Finds Comfort in Simple Front Porch Ritual

photo: Scott Miley/ THB

Rory Feek's friends are supporting him through his grief in a beautiful way.

Rory Feek has been on an intense emotional roller coaster over the last few years— from the birth of daughter Indiana to Joey’s brave cancer battle to exploring his creative career possibilities to Joey’s recent death.

All of that is a lot for any one person to shoulder. Fortunately, Rory has a solid network of friends to lean on and help him process all of the major changes in his life.

The singer-songwriter touches upon his healing process in his most recent blog post titled “The Best Medicine.” One morning a week, Rory meets up with a group of male friends for coffee at a neighbor’s house, “… a bunch of us guys take over the porch of their little farmhouse and drink coffee and do man stuff – whatever that is. Mostly talk and share stories and laugh. It feels good to laugh.”

rory feek
photo: This Life I Live

Rory is taking comfort in the community of his peers who also have families and a profound faith in God. The men join together to shoot the breeze, find peace, and take a break to just be present in the simple moments.

“And so I will celebrate and capture the big stories and the small ones in my life. Because they are all part of a much larger story that someone else is telling. A story about healing a heart that is broken. Too broken to talk about, so we don’t. We just drink coffee. And we laugh. And maybe that really is after all…The best medicine,” the grieving artist poetically reflects on his current path.

As always, Rory, Indy, Heidi, and Hopie continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. View more Feek Family updates by clicking the button below.

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