Rory Feek Performs Publicly for the First Time Since Joey’s Passing [Video]

Rory Feek Performs

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Watch Rory Feek as he performs “I Like The Sound of That” and gives fans an update on his current status.

Country singer-songwriter Rory Feek recently sat down with CBS This Morning Saturday’s Anthony Mason to discuss the release of his late wife Joey Feek’s solo album, If Not For You, give an update on life with the couple’s 3-year-old daughter Indiana, and perform an unreleased song called “I Like The Sound of That.” The segment aired on Saturday, May 20th and revealed a lot about Rory’s current status and frame of mind.

When asked about where he is right now, Rory replied with, “Well, I’m still at the farm raising Indiana and trying to see where I’m going from here. The baby’s doing amazing, she just learned to walk.”

The beloved entertainer revealed that music has reentered the family homestead through Indy’s new piano and he has even picked up playing music privately again after placing that interest on the backburner following Joey’s death. His return to music came after hearing a church group play a Joey + Rory song.

“And so later that night when the baby was in bed, I got my wife’s guitar down off the wall. Pretty soon an hour had gone by and I’d probably sang about a dozen songs that I hadn’t sang in a year or so. And it felt pretty good. Then I just hung it back up,” Feek told Mason.

Besides rediscovering old passions, Feek has been working hard to keep his wife’s legacy alive through his book This Life I Live, a documentary titled To Joey, With Love, and the release of her 2005 solo album If Not for You. As for the future, Rory is finally able to look ahead.

“I don’t know yet what’s down the road, but I’m thinking about it. I’m really thinking about it for the first time. And I’m staying pretty open to the possibilities,” he candidly shared. “I haven’t been very open to the possibilities.”

At the end of his heartfelt interview, Rory played and sang the unreleased tune “I Like the Sound of That.” Obviously this performance was highly emotional for Rory, it was the first time he’s played publicly in a long time and without Joey by his side.

Enjoy his full interview and performance below!

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