Rory Feek Announces New Book, “Once Upon A Farm”

rory feek once upon a farm

photo: Rory Feek Instagram

Country music singer-songwriter Rory Feek's new book, "Once Upon A Farm", is due out this summer. More on the book's content here!

Country music artist Rory Feek isn’t one to slow down and has shared his latest project with fans through his This Life I Live blog— a new book titled “Once Upon A Farm.” The book, which is due out on June 19th, encompasses the highs and lows Rory has experienced in his life since purchasing the family farm back in 1999.

“It’s something I’ve spent most of last spring and summer writing and am glad to finally get to share the news that it’s coming out in a few months. One of the reasons I was looking forward to sharing the foreward is because in this blog I can share more than I can in the book. I don’t just have to tell you about what happened when she saw the swing beside her Mama’s cross as the sun was setting that evening, I can show you…” Rory explains with a collection of photos from his eventual book cover photoshoot with 3-year-old daughter Indy. (Go here to view the photos and read the entire foreward from the book.)

“Like the story of the photo on the cover of this book, our story is not simple. My story. And my wife’s and my family’s. It is complicated. Very complicated. I spent 240 pages telling a lot of it in my first book, ‘This Life I Live.’ And I loved telling it, but the truth is, there’s more. So, so much more,” Rory shares.

Watch the official book trailer below!

“To tell the story of how Indy and I and our older girls are moving forward and of the hope that is unfolding now, I had to go backward and share more about the end of another great story of hope. Because this one couldn’t be told if that one didn’t happen. One cannot be without the other. We couldn’t have this life we’re learning to live on our own, if we didn’t have the life we lived with my wife Joey before it,” he reflects.

“Once Upon a Farm” is currently available for pre-order here and Rory’s first book, “This Life I Live“, is now offered in paperback in stores and online. Be sure to share the Feek family’s latest news with other fans!

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