Rory Feek Details Live Concert Plans for September

Joey and Rory Feek

photo: Joey and Rory Facebook

Rory Feek's solo return to the stage is scheduled for a very significant set of dates. Check out the details and how to grab tickets right here!

On September 8th and 9th, the weekend of the late Joey Feek‘s birthday, Rory Feek is set to play two shows at the concert hall located on the Feek family’s Tennessee property. All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the Music Health Alliance – an organization which helped the couple navigate their medical and financial needs during and after Joey’s brave battle with cervical cancer.

The concert series is called “Once Upon A Farm” and tickets are offered through This Life I Live’s website and locally at Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse.

During a press conference about the organization’s upcoming Heal the Music Day on October 20th, Rory shared his feelings about returning to the stage alone.

“I have been thinking about playing music … a lot,” Rory explained. “Not because I need to. I just feel a responsibility, like I should. I should get onstage and see what’s there, what’s in store, what would I say, what would I sing if I were there by myself? But the problem is, is I hadn’t had a real good reason, ’til now.”

Enjoy listening to Rory’s words in the video clip below!

While visiting Joey’s home state of Indiana recently, Rory got a chance to speak to her father face-to-face about his plans to return to music, “I told Joey’s daddy about what I’ve been feeling and asked him how he would feel if I got onstage again without his daughter by my side. Honestly, his answer surprised me. I thought he might be protective (for lots of understandable reasons) and say, ‘please don’t’, or ‘are you sure you wanna do that?’. Instead Jack just smiled at me and said, ‘son, you were holding a guitar, singing songs when Joey met you. That is who she first fell in love with. I think she would want you to perform.'”

“He’s probably right. No, I know he is. If Joey couldn’t be on stage with me, she would be in the front row cheering me on,” Rory added.

We couldn’t agree more and we’re thrilled that Rory will be sharing his talent once again with the world.

According to the organization’s website, “Heal The Music Day is an effort to raise awareness and support for the more than 56,000 Nashvillians who make a living in the music industry, 76% of whom are self-employed or part of small business without access to group health benefits – including songwriters, producers, audio engineers, musicians, recording artists, publishers and more benefiting Music Health Alliance.”

Many in the creative community have already committed to “Heal The Music Day,” pledging a percentage of their revenues to support their fellow musicians and peers in the industry in times of medical crisis. Early supporters include Chris & Morgane Stapleton, Dierks Bentley, Emmylou Harris, Gary Allan, John Prine, Keith Urban, Lee Brice, Marty Stuart, Miranda Lambert, Ronnie Dunn, and Vince Gill among others.

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