Ronnie Dunn: Tattooed Heart Overview

Ronnie Dunn: Tattooed Heart Overview

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Country singer Ronnie Dunn released his third album, Tattooed Heart in November of 2016..

The Tattooed Heart Album Set list includes 12 songs:

  1. Ain’t No Trucks in Texas
  2. Damn Drunk (ft. Kix Brooks)
  3. I Worship The Woman You Walked On
  4. That’s Why They Make Jack Daniels
  5. I Put That There
  6. Young Buck
  7. I Wanna Love Like That Again
  8. Still Feels Like Mexico (ft. Reba McEntire)
  9. Tattooed Heart
  10. This Old Heart
  11. Old Broken Heart In San Antone
  12. She Don’t Honky Tonk No More

Learn the story behind Tatooed Heart:

The Story Behind the Lyrics

With this being the third album since the break up of him and his partner Kix Brooks (part of Brooks and Dunn), he isn’t holding back to make this album better than the last. It is debatable the album is him reaching toward his younger self, with the songs “Ain’t No Trucks In Texas,” “Damn Drunk” and “That’s Why They Make Jack Daniels.” But Dunn is reaching towards more serious issues in his life such as “I Put That There” and “I Worship The Woman You Walked On.”

The album even has three songs in a row with the word Heart in it, which shows a very explicit theme for the album. The album has many lines that are lessons and reflections from his life that are sure to make listening think twice about their life.

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