Reba McEntire Reveals Name of New TV Show

reba mcentire tv show

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Country music star Reba McEntire has shared a few more important details about her current TV show project. More on the subject here!

During an interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, country entertainer Reba McEntire reveled the name of her upcoming television program described as a “Southern Gothic soap opera.” The highly-anticipated show is to be called “Red Blooded” and will air on ABC.

McEntire stars as Ruby Adair, a small town sheriff whose “red state outlook” is challenged when she is forced to team up with an FBI agent of Middle Eastern descent to help her solve a terrible crime in her town of Oxblood, Kentucky.

When describing her role as Ruby, Reba explained, “I’m a dark character. I’ve got a lot of flaws and demons, and I’m having a lot of problems in my personal life. My town is being disrupted and I’m having to deal with it all. I’m under a lot of stress.”

The new program’s pilot was just shot in Georgia and being developed by Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. As reported previously by TVLine, Syfy Haven alum Emily Rose has been placed in the role of Vonda Jean, the town’s coroner and former beauty pageant contestant. Also joining the cast are Jack Coleman (Heroes), Amanda Detmer (Necessary Roughness), Ryan McPartlin (Chuck), Ben Esler (Hell on Wheels), Natalie Hall (All My Children), and Saidah Ekulona (Impastor).

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reba mcentire tv show
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“ABC had two notes for us: ‘Expand upon this and expand upon that,’” she spilled to Alan. “It wasn’t ‘Take that out’ or ‘Fix this.’ We’re thrilled to pieces… Hopefully… ABC will say it’s a go, and we’ll start filming in the middle of July.”

The beloved country star is no stranger to television, having starred in the self-titled sitcom Reba (2001- 2007) and Malibu Country (2012- 2013).  We can’t wait to enjoy watching this show’s highly-anticipated pilot! The air date has yet to be announced.

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