Recall these Reba McEntire Movie Roles and Cameos? [Videos]

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Can you name every single Reba McEntire movie appearance? The country music entertainer is no stranger to the movie set! Take a look back at her roles...

Country music entertainer Reba McEntire is as versatile as they come! Not only is she a successful recording artist, she is also no stranger to television and movies. Let’s take a look back at these memorable Reba McEntire movie appearances and film credits.

Tremors (1990), Character: Heather Gummer

In this thriller, Reba plays survivalist Heather Gummer. She, along with husband Burt, wound up fighting the creatures dubbed “graboids” on their home turf. Fortunately for them, they have an armory. Watch the thrilling scene below!

North (1994) Character: Ma Tex

Kid genius North (Elijah Wood) is on the hunt for the perfect parents after deeming his own parents unappreciative. The youth’s first stop is in Texas, where his parental candidates attempt to fatten him up, to be more like their first son, Buck, who died in a stampede. Ma Tex and Pa Tex (Dan Aykroyd) then stage a musical number about the other plans they have in store for their new son. Gabby, a sharpshooting cowboy, then gives North a silver dollar with a bullet hole shot through its center—and advises him to move on from the Lone Star State. Enjoy watching this clip from the film!

The Little Rascals (1994) Character: A.J. Ferguson

During the soapbox derby race trophy presentation, Spanky is shocked to learn that his favorite race car driver, A.J. Ferguson, is female! After meeting A.J. and benefiting from Darla’s bravery, the boys decide to let girls into their rebuilt clubhouse.

Additional Reba McEntire Movie Credits

2001 One Night at McCool’s, Dr. Green
2006 The Fox and the Hound 2, Dixie (Voice role)
2006 Charlotte’s Web, Betsy the Cow (Voice role)
2015 Romances of the Republics, Stella Wonders
2016 The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave, Etta (Voice role)
2019 Spies in Disguise, Joy Jenkins (Voice role)

Reba also made an uncredited appearance in the 1994 movie Maverick as a spectator. As you can see, Reba loves the camera and the camera loves her right back!

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