Reba McEntire “I Know How He Feels” Video & Lyrics

reba mcentire i know how he feels

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Reba McEntire's "I Know How He Feels" debuted in 1988 and became a number one hit for the country music artist! Check it out here!

Country music star Reba McEntire‘s “I Know How He Feels” was penned by Rick Bowles and Will Robinson. The song was released in August 1988 as the second single from the album Reba. “I Know How He Feels” became her eleventh number one country hit.

Watch Reba perform the song live below!

“I Know How He Feels” Lyrics 

When I heard that familiar voice,
My heart stopped dead in it’s tracks.
Across the room I could see him there,
A ghost from my past.
But he’s too caught up to notice me.
She must be his new love.
I never dreamed that it would hurt this much,
It’s just
I know how he feels.
How warm his touch is.
Oh how he feels.
How soft his kiss is.
And it cuts right down to the bone
Cause I let him go.
I know how he cares.
How strong his love can be,
When he believes it’s real.
Oh I’ve been there.
I know how he feels.
As long as I kept him out of site,
I kept from going out of my mind.
Tried to believe that leaving him was some how justified.
But tonight there’s no denying what a love like his is worth
He once looked at me the way he’s looking at her.
What a lucky girl.

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