Reba McEntire’s Former Starstruck Farm to be Divided Up

reba mcentire farm

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Country music star Reba McEntire's Starstruck Farm is undergoing some big changes after being bought by a developer over the summer. More here!

Ever want to own a piece of unique celebrity memorabilia? Well, here’s your chance.

Real estate developer Paul Burch, who purchased country music icon Reba McEntire’s Starstruck Farm in July, is now looking to split the scenic riverfront property located in Lebanon, Tennessee into smaller parcels of land. Each of the fifteen lots will be just under two acres and will feature a brand new home. Despite the farm being chopped up, Reba’s picturesque mansion will still boast plenty of privacy, with nearly eight acres remaining around it. It’s currently back on the market for a cool $2.95 million— the listing includes a five stall barn, guest apartment, tennis court, pool house, and boat dock. With this piece of paradise being only 40 minutes away from Nashville, we’re sure it will find a serious buyer soon.

Starstruck Farm was placed up for sale following Reba’s surprising split from longtime husband Narvel Blackstock. After almost a year sitting empty, Burch bought the place for $5 million— a steal considering it was listed for nearly $8 million originally.

Interested in making a big move or just want to daydream? Take a tour of Reba’s former nest below!

Speaking of Reba, will she be making a return to television after her most recent project, Red Blooded, failed to be picked up by ABC for its fall lineup? Maybe.

“There have been some in the past and hopefully some in the future too,” McEntire shared with Entertainment Tonight about discussions surrounding the possibility of a Reba revival. “We’d love to do it.”

Even if Reba doesn’t make a big comeback, the seasoned entertainer wants to continue pursuing acting and explore a variety of roles.

“A dream role would be ten different kinds because I would like to hit all facets, you know the kooky neighbor down the hall or the heroine in a western,” she shared with the outlet. “There’s just so many different types. I love to watch television. I love movies. So acting is something that it entertains me. Television and movies entertain me so I love to be entertained but I also love to entertain people.”

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