Reba McEntire Shows Off Extensive Boot Collection

reba mcentire boot collection

photo: c/o Reba by Justin

Country music maven Reba McEntire's closet has its own 'boot wall' and it is every stylish cowgirl's dream! Check it out right here!

When it comes to what’s in country music entertainer Reba McEntire‘s personal wardrobe, boots especially hold a very special place. The star recently revamped her closet to create custom storage for her 85 pairs of boots!

This move to make more room for her favorite footwear couldn’t have come at a better time— she recently designed an entire line of footwear for Justin Boots called ‘Reba by Justin.’

“I wanted a variety of boots that I could wear on stage,” Reba told PEOPLE about the collection. “Then I wanted a pair of boots for the girls to run barrels in. Then I wanted some sneakers for when they get through loading their horse up in the trailer, take their boots off, get their tennis shoes on and drive home.” Is that what her fans were asking for? “I was going by what I like, and hopefully that’s what everybody else would enjoy too!”

View Reba’s impressive boot wall below!

reba mcentire boot collection
photo: c/o Reba by Justin
Now we want space for a boot wall… Besides boots, what else can be found in large quantities in the star’s dressing area?

“Jeans. I have over 100 pairs of jeans!” Reba confessed to the outlet. “I keep thinking I’m gonna give them away, but my weight fluctuates 5 to 10 pounds throughout the year. You have your heavy jeans, you have your skinny jeans. I have my bell bottoms, I have my cut-offs that I tuck into my boots and I have black, dark blue washed, heavy washed and I have my light blue jeans and then I have white. So there’s a lot of jeans in my closet.”

Boots and jeans. Yeah, we can get behind Reba’s fashion preferences. For Sunday night’s Grammy Awards,the versatile entertainer will have to swap out her comfortable duds for something a little more fancy. Reba is nominated in the ‘Best Roots Gospel Album’ for Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope.

The full Reba by Justin collection can be found here and in-store at Dillard’s. To celebrate Reba’s latest endeavors, let’s travel back to the early 90’s and enjoy the official “Fancy” music video below!

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