Psycho Billy Cadillac “Redneck Holiday”

Psycho Billy Cadillac “Redneck Holiday”

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Psycho Billy Cadillac released the music video for "Redneck Holiday" in 2013.

Watch Psycho Billy Cadillac’s Country Rap music video for ¬†“Redneck Holiday” and check out the key lyrics to this catchy tune below:

“Redneck Holiday” was released in 2014 an is from his “Leave the Porch Light On” album.

Here are the opening lyrics to Redneck Holiday . . .

Redneck Holiday Lyrics:

Cold Bud in the Fridge
Grand mama got the kids
Barbecuing up a pig in the backyard
It’s just every day …Redneck Holiday
Kick off the shindig
Build the Bonfire big
It’s just how we live
In the backwoods
It’s every day..Redneck Holiday…

Psycho Billy Cadillac appears to have plenty of fun making Country Rap music.

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