Parmalee “Roots” Music Video & Lyrics


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Country music group Parmalee released "Roots" in May 2016. Enjoy the official music video and complete lyrics here!

Country music group Parmalee (Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Barry Knox, and Josh McSwain) released “Roots” as a single from their anticipated next albumĀ in May 2016. The track was penned by Blake William Billinger, Jared Mullins, and Ben Stennis.

Watch the official “Roots” music video below!

“Roots” Lyrics

I’m still running 33s up underneath this truck
Even though rush hour concrete is the only place
I’m getting stuck
Ain’t on the farm no more but on a stretch of sunny days
I still catch myself looking up at the sky
Praying for a little rain

No I can’t outrun these roots
Even if I wanted to
‘Cause they run too strong, run too deep
Cutting right through the heart of me
No it don’t matter where I plant these boots
Can’t outrun these roots
I can’t outrun these roots.

There’s still that back-home part of me,
That can’t help but see things a little differently
Like how there ain’t no need
To put a ‘G’ on the end of huntin’ or fishin’
And I still got granddaddy’s bible
His old rifle and his name
But I also got his pour a little more
Coarsin’ through my veins

Thank God I can’t
They’re tangled up in every part of who I am
Without ’em I know I don’t stand a chance
I can’t outrun these roots

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