Old Dominion Hints at “Back To The Future” Themed Music Video

Old Dominion

photo: Sony Music Nashville

Old Dominion pays tribute to the 30-year old classic "Back To the Future"!

It’s been 30 years since the movie Back To The Future made us all dream about hoverboards and time-travelling DeLoreans and the country music band Old Dominion is paying homage to the classic flick with their upcoming music video for their hit single “Break Up With Him”.

The full “Break Up With Him” video is set to drop on Wednesday (July 8), but the teaser, which you can watch below, shows the theme very well. Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey seems particularly excited about the upcoming release.

“The concept of the video for ‘Break Up with Him’ is based around the movie Back to the Future,” he explains.

“It’s this crazy reconstruction of all our favorite scenes. We’re constantly on the bus talking about the movie. We’re all huge fans, so we wanted to do something different and not just kind of interpret the song.”

“This is a way that we could do it because it’s got a girl and it’s got a bully,” Ramsey adds. “The girl is with the bully and the main character wants to get his girl. It works with the song and it allows us to relive our childhood with a movie we grew up loving.”

The teaser clip shows Ramsey suiting up in a blue bubble vest and denim jacket, also rocking some gray throwback high-top sneakers. So it’s pretty clear who is going to play Marty McFly. Now we are left to guess until Wednesday who will be playing the rest of the parts..hopefully they don’t leave out the Doc!

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