Nicole Kidman Is Giving Up Her Wedding Dress in the Name of Love

Nicole Kidman Wedding Dress

photo: Wenn

Nicole Kidman, who is married to Keith Urban, aims to donate her wedding dress to an Australian exhibit about “Love”.

On June 25th, 2006 Nicole Kidman wore a beautiful Balenciaga wedding dress designed by Nicolas Ghesquière to marry her love and country music singer Keith Urban. A wedding dress is one of the ultimate symbols of love. It what covers and holds you on the day you say your sacred vows to the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

It is because of this great symbolism that surrounds her dress that Kidman has decided to donate it to an Australian art exhibit about the concept and meaning of “Love”.

“I’m giving my wedding dress, the Balenciaga one that Nicolas Ghesquiere did for me, to an Australian exhibit called Love,” Kidman told InStyle magazine. “I’ll support anything that supports love. Truly. Isn’t it the essence of everything? It can heal so many things.”

“Good love, sweet love, kind love, gentle love, powerful love. There are so many different forms of love, which then leads to loss, which then leads to all the primary emotions. We all know children who were raised with love. You can see them” Kidman continued.

The exhibit will feature over 60 wedding dresses worn by famous Australians throughout the centuries ranging from 1822 to modern day styles and will be called Love Is… Australian Wedding Fashion.

Kidman’s wedding dress was beautiful and traditional with lace and ivory. However the Aussie actress doesn’t always wear such conventional clothing. Kidman likes to use fashion as a form of self expression.

“It allows me to express what I’m feeling, as in, I want to wear that because that’s actually my rebellion right now. Or that’s my way of fitting in. Or it’s my way of saying no. Or it’s my way of saying I’m different. I grew up with a grandmother and a mother who loved clothes” says Kidman.

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