New Music from Jason Aldean in 2016!

New Music from Jason Aldean in 2016!

photo: Julian Dufort

Jason Aldean discusses his new album, due out next year.

Jason Aldean fans have good reason to be excited about 2016, the “Tonight Looks Good on You” singer has announced that he has been back in the studio and plans to release the follow up to his latest album Old Boots, New Dirt.

“We’re working on it right now,” he said during the run-up to the CMA Awards. “Been in the studio a little bit. Hopefully a new single [will be out] some time in the spring and album in the summer.”

Fans can expect a more hard-hitting album than the current one. Aldean claims that Old Boots, New Dirt was more of a introspective project and he is ready to get back to the rocking country that fans fell in love with him for.

“The new album has a lot of the big tempos, a lot more rock-oriented stuff on this next one.” Aldean confirmed.

The news of new music comes around the same time that Aldean announced he will be returning his catalog to the popular streaming music service Spotify.

On Nov. 5th, Aldean made the Spotify announcement on his social media accounts:

“Everyone in the music business is trying to figure out how to make streaming work financially, so that the creative community gets paid fairly. I’m happy to have been part of that dialog and will continue to be as it all unfolds.
I’ve heard from you, the fans, all summer on the road and online that you really miss being able to stream my music. I definitely want you to be able to find it easily, so we’ve decided to make it available again. – JA.”

“The debate the whole music industry is having on streaming is complicated,” Aldean explained in November of 2014.

“And while I’m definitely paying attention to the business side of things, I am first and foremost an artist. I’m an artist whose career has been built by the songwriters, publishers, producers and engineers that line Music Row in Nashville. What they do has value, and I want everyone who is involved in making my music to be paid fairly. This is about trying to do what is right for the people who have given me a great life.”

No matter what, we are sure the new album is going to be fantastic and we can’t wait to hear it!

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