Hottest New Country Music of July 2016 [Videos]

Blake Shelton

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Here is some of the new country music videos that are gaining the most positive audience engagement in July 2016.

Here are the top 5 country music videos for July 2016 that gained the highest social engagement (likes, comments, shares) from fans. This is a good indicator of the best videos to watch based on the social engagement data from other avid country music fans.

1. Blake Shelton “She’s Got A Way With Words”

Jason Mraz isn’t the only artist who can pull off the wordplay in his songs. This is a song about a bad breakup and Shelton doesn’t hold anything back. “She put the her in hurt / She put the why in try / She put the S.O.B. In sober / She put the hang in hangover (hangover) / She put the ex in sex / She put the low in blow / She put a big F.U. In my future.”

2. Lee Greenwood “God Bless The USA (Home Free)” (A Capella)

A simple music video with Mount Rushmore in the background that makes you think about the lyrics and the meaning of them. “And I’m proud to be an American / Where at least I know I’m free / And I won’t forget the men who died / Who gave that right to me / And I’d gladly stand up next to you / And defend Her still today / ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt / I love this land / God Bless the U.S.A.”

3. Miranda Lambert “Vice”

Miranda just released this single on July 20th but there is no question in why this song is #3 on our list. A song about a regretted night she wished didn’t happen. “Another vice, another call, another bed, I shouldn’t have crawled out of / 7am shoes in my hand said I wouldn’t do it but I did it again but I know I’ll be back tomorrow night.”

4. Dustin Lynch “Seein’ Red”

The song bring up the feeling of not being able to get an ex out of your head. “Can’t get you outta my head / The way you color up my world / I’m seein’ red.”

5. Zac Brown Band “I’ll Be Your Man (Song For A Daughter)”

More of a story than a song about a daughter’s broken heart and her father who will always love her. “Hold on child, hold on tight to your old man / I’m gonna hold you tight under my wing long as I can / Hold you tight under my wing long as I can”

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