Morgan Myles Acapella Music Video and Lyrics

Morgan Myles Acapella

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Watch emerging female country artist Morgan Myles "Acapella" music video and learn more about this talented Country artist.

Morgan Myles Acapella song is a positive, uplifting and feel good Country tune.  Singer-songwriter Morgan Myles is an emerging country artist that hails from Pennsylvania.  Her sound is a blend of Country, Soul, and Pop.   Morgan had several mentors including Reba and Dolly Parton and she toured with Reba.  “I was influenced by any woman that had a big voice because I wanted to be just like them. You name it – any 90s diva – I was trying to definitely be,” she says.

Watch Morgan’s “Acapella” music video, listen to the audio version and check out the opening lyrics of this tune below.

Acapella Music Video

Acapella (Audio) Video

Acapella Lyrics (Song Opening)

No It Didn’t Take No Time

To Get You off my mind

I thought the awkward path would lead me lonely in silence

It sure put a number on me

But boy I never missed a beat

I’m singin Acapella

Me, Myself, and I

It’s all a blissful ride..

Without you keepin’ time

I don’t need your minor chords

I don’t need to cry no more

As some things just don’t sound that good together

I’m better Acapella…I’m better Acapella….

Sometimes misery don’t love company

Your heart strings sorry don’t add to my melody

You can cry me a can write me a symphony

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