Moonshine Bandits Release New Music Video

Moonshine Bandits Release New Music Video

photo: c/o Moonshine Bandit Website

Moonshine Bandits have released a music video for their song "Dead Man's Hand".

Country rap duo Moonshine Bandits have released an official music video for their song “Dead Man’s Hand”. The song is on their album Blacked Out, which was released in the summer of 2015.

Moonshine Bandits consist of Dusty “Tex” Dahlgren and Brett “Bird” Brooks. The pair have been creating country-rap for over 10 years, making them pioneers in the genre.

MSB approached their album Blacked Out with a mission in mind.

“We set out to make a blue-collar record for people who work their asses off and, come Friday and Saturday, just want to let loose and party,” says Tex. “That was the theme of the album from day one.”

The difference with this album was the duo’s commitment to honor true-red, white and blue Americans by challenging themselves to explore new ways of writing and performing. Unlike all their previous releases, Blacked Out includes a number of co-writes with some of Nashville’s best hitmakers.

“It was an eye-opening experience for Tex and me,” says Bird. “Some of the guys we wrote with just didn’t get our style. But we did wind up doing some really good, powerhouse songs with others. They’re part of a progression to where we might probably go with our music.”

“Dead Man’s Hand” revels in life on the “open highway” by a “renegade with a road to pave/rest when I’m dead, sleep in my grave”. The video features some tough looking ladies playing poker and Tex and Bird singing into the camera at cutaways. The entire video looks like it could have been shot at Sturgis or another popular biker festival. Later we see a young boy rocking a Bad Religion shirt and a pink Mohawk.

Watch the video below!

Moonshine Bandit’s “Dead Man’s Hand”
Directed by Ken Madson
Produced by Dusty Dahlgren & Ken Madson

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