Moccasin Creek “Southern Renegade” Video

Moccasin Creek “Southern Renegade” Video

photo: YouTube

Country Rap group Moccasin Creek's music video for "Southern Renegade combines Southern Rock and Hip Hop.

Off their sophomore album, “Southern Renegade” brings you a swampy, southern rock feel with a hip hop edge. Rock and Roll performer, Glen Alvelais, formerly of the metal group “TESTAMENT” shreds a solo at the end of this music video.

Watch the Official Music video for “Southern Renegade”:

This video shows how to have some fun with family and friends at the local lake.

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Moccasin Creek has produced 4 Country Rap albums┬áincluding “Life Matters”, “Hillbilly Rockstar”, “Walk Away”, and “Low Life”.

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