10 of Miranda Lambert’s Other “Vices” [Photos]

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Even Miranda Lambert's Mama would approve of these habits.

Miranda Lambert’s gripping new single “Vice” is making waves and getting tongues wagging due to it’s raw emotional delivery and the stirring content of its lyrics. While the song touches upon some negative patterns stemming from a bad case of heartbreak— we can agree that Miranda Lambert’s positive “vices” have been helping her heal and emerge better than ever.

Let’s examine 10 habits that we hope Miss. Lambert never quits.

1) Devotion to Her Faithful Companions.

Road Dog. KC with KC! #spreadthelovetour #deltadawn

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2) Obsession with Antiquing and Cool Finds.

3) Always Celebrating Happy Memories.


4) Sweating It Out With a Buddy.


5) Basking in Quiet Time.

6) Enjoying Nature’s Simple Bounty.

7) Finding Comfort in the Company of a Special Someone.

The snuggle is real… @andersoneast 📷:@raytair @ape_lewis

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8) Treating Herself to Some More Sparkle.

Diamonds are a girls best friend! #2isbetterthan1 #piercing #32today #bday

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9) Soaking in the Reality of Hooved Therapy.

10) Starting Each Day with a Colorful Outlook and— COFFEE.

Hot coffee #unicornmug #fireplaceseason

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While we’re certainly not Miranda Lambert, we’re all on this crazy roller coaster called LIFE. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but like the Texas songbird, we all have bright spots to cling onto.

Lambert is currently on the road with her headlining Keeper of the Flame Tour as well as Kenny Chesney’s Spread the Love Tour performing in stadiums around the country this summer. You can check out her full 2016 tour schedule here.

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