Miranda Lambert’s 10 Most Rebellious Moments

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Miranda Lambert is known for her hard-hitting lyrics and her strong, independent attitude. We've compiled some of her most rebellious moments!

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert can do just about anything she wants, and she can make it look good. In fact, her fans love her for that! Her strong and independent attitude is emphasized by the fearless lyrics in many of her songs.

In case you didn’t know, Miranda Lambert is a rebel girl at heart. Here’s some of her most rebellious moments!

  1. When she posted this on Instagram:

    She clearly does what she wants, and she doesn’t care what people think about her hard-headed attitude. Lambert shows off her strong and fearless personality that everyone loves!

    “I do this thing called whatever I want”…📸: @cdishmon

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  2. This ain’t her mama’s broken heart.

    Despite the fact that her mama taught her how to act like lady, Lambert reveals in this song that she doesn’t always follow the rules. The lyrics detail her reaction after a bad breakup.

  3. She’s not afraid to use kerosene.

    In this throwback song from Lambert, she literally plays with fire. As she dumps kerosene and lights it up, she burns the mattress of her ex-lover in the middle of the street, leaving a fiery trail of the damage.

  4. When she started the all-girl trio Pistol Annie’s.

    Lambert joined Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley in this girl-power band that likes to start a little trouble here and there. They barely had six tracks written when they were given an opportunity to perform live together for the first time in 2011!

    photo: Pistol Annie's website
  5. Don’t get her angry! She knows how to use a gun, according to this song.

    You won’t want to do Miranda Lambert wrong after listening to this song. From her album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she shows her rebellious side, saying she’s made of gunpowder and lead as she waits for her ex-lover to come home and get revenge on him. The rest of the album also has songs about former flames that did her wrong.

  6. When she released “Somethin’ Bad” with fellow country star Carrie Underwood.

    Country music’s two leading ladies bring a dose of attitude to the industry. Lambert and Underwood have done their fair share of damage with previous songs about getting even. Surely, no one would want to mess with them when they team up!

  7. The first thing she did after reaching success was buy a farm.

    “I went back to my roots,” she explained to Country Living. Lambert also became the magazine’s first cover girl when she joined as a guest editor for the June 2015 issue.

  8. She started writing her own songs at age 17 after she felt that the songs given to her were “too pop.”

    “They didn’t move me at all,” Lambert told Redbook. “When I came home, I was like, ‘I have more to say.’ So I went to Dad and said, ‘That guitar. How about teaching me a few chords?'”

    After that, she began writing her own music. “Even at that age, I was like, I can’t sell something that I don’t believe,” Lambert told Marie Claire.

  9. She set a Guinness World Record for most consecutive ACM Female Vocalist wins!

    Back in 2015, Lambert won ACM awards for Album of the Year for ‘Platinum’, Song of the Year for ‘Automatic’, Female Vocalist of the Year and was given the ACM 50th Anniversary Milestone Award.

  10. She launched the MuttNation Foundation.

    In 2007, she took her love for animals and founded the organization to help end animal cruelty and neglect. “They just love you unconditionally and know that you saved them and gave them a better life,” she told People.

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