Miranda Lambert vs. Beach Ball [Video]

miranda lambert

photo: Facebook

Miranda Lambert viciously goes after wayward inflatable...

An oversized polka-dotted beach ball met its fate on the Klipsch Music Center stage in Noblesville, Indiana during Miranda Lambert’s Keeper of the Flame Tour stop on Saturday.

“Okay. First of all, it feels like it’s January, so we don’t need this today,” the sassy Texan declared to the audience. “Secondly, my best friend, Ashley Monroe, gave me this necklace that I was hoping I could use tonight, because it’s a pistol, but also it’s a pocket knife. So, I’m sorry, very sorry for whoever’s ball this is, but it’s going to die now.”

“I feel so much better. Thank you for that,” she proclaimed after mercilessly stabbing the giant cheery ball.

Interesting note, the singer absolutely HATES beach balls making their way into concert venues and this incident isn’t the first time she’s dispatched a beach ball during her set. Whoever brought the inflatable into the concert is sure lucky that the singer-songwriter didn’t hunt them down with her “pistol-knife.”

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