Miranda Lambert Shuts Down Pink Pistol Boutique in Oklahoma, Blake Shelton Buys Building

blake shelton and miranda lambert

photo: Facebook

Miranda Lambert pulls up stakes in one of her business ventures.

Yesterday afternoon, Miranda Lambert announced that she was closing down her Tishomingo, Oklahoma Pink Pistol Boutique location after three years of operation in the town she once shared with ex-husband Blake Shelton.

The singer-songwriter didn’t give an exact reason for closing the store or a closing date, but Lambert thanked the community and her employees for their support in a press release. The inventory from the Oklahoma location will be transferred to her Lindale, Texas, Pink Pistol location— which is expanding.

“It feels full circle to have everything under one ‘roof’ basically where it all began in my hometown of Lindale. I want to send a heartfelt thank you to all the employees who worked hard to help me bring the store in Tishomingo to life, as well as the patrons who came to experience the Pink Pistol and supported the store. Sometimes you need to close a chapter to build on a new beginning or go back home.” Lambert stated.

Shortly after, Miranda went public with the news, Blake Shelton tweeted that he had purchased the Pink Pistol Boutique’s building and has some big plans “brewing.”

Besides the retail space in Tishomingo, Lambert also owns Ladysmith, a bed and breakfast, across the street from the Pink Pistol’s building. As of now, she intends on keeping that business in place. Sounds like Blake is also ready to flex his business muscle in the small town. He’s recently broken into the liquor business with Smithworks Vodka— maybe a tavern or distillery?

Time will tell. Share with others following Blake and Miranda’s latest moves.

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