Miranda Lambert Reveals Major Career Influences

Miranda Lambert Major Career Influences

photo: Becky Fluke

Miranda Lambert has undoubtedly inspired many young artists to follow their country music dreams, now she talks about the ladies that inspired her.

Miranda Lambert has had an illustrious career in country music and she still has most of it ahead of her. With the recent release of her double album The Weight of These Wings, and her numerous award nominations this year (already she has received 5 CMT Awards nominations for the November ceremony), Lambert is in full stride of accomplishing everything in country music she set out to do.

However even super stars like Lambert look up to certain people that inspired them to pick up the microphone.

One of the first country music singers that touched Lambert’s life was “Daddy’s Hands” singer Holly Dunn. When Dunn passed away last year from a fight with Ovarian cancer, Lambert posted about the impact Dunn had on her.

“So sad to hear about Holly Dunn passing,” Lambert said.. “She was a big inspiration to me. By singing along with her cassette tape I learned to sing. ‘Daddy’s Hands’ was the very first song I ever learned and sang in public. I was 9-years-old. [I was in] the third grade talent show and my dad played guitar for me. She will always have a special place in my heart. Rest in Peace, Holly,” she added.

Dunn was not the only female singer that made an impression on the young Miranda Lambert. The “Tin Man” singer has reported that along with country music, pop music made an impression on her in the past.

“I loved from Patti Loveless to Faith (Hill), Shania (Twain), Sara Evans. Then also the pop side, you know, Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child. I was loving people that had something different, that did something a little bit different. When Faith did the pop album, the Cry record, I just thought it was great. Her singing was cool, it was something different, something I had never heard from little country Faith Hill and Shania obviously wrote all kinds of records and barriers with her music. Those aren’t necessarily my musical influences of course, but they’re influences to me as far as what they did later on in their careers versus when they started,” Lambert said recently.

Should we expect a pop album from Miranda Lambert in the future? Only time will tell!

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