Miranda Lambert Shares How George Strait Helped End Spat with Father

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photo: ACM Awards

Country music star Miranda Lambert reflects on how George Strait resolved a father-daughter disagreement while on the road!

Have a family drama? Let country music hit-maker George Strait take the reins and make it all better!

Back in 2006 when Miranda Lambert was just starting out as an artist and touring with the legendary Texan, she decided to get a rather large tattoo of a pair of pistols decked out with and wings on her forearm. Her father Rick was not happy with his daughter’s first tattoo and gave Miranda the dreaded silent treatment in response. To make the situation even more complicated, Rick was also on the road with the starlet and was in charge of her tour merchandising.

King George somehow got wind of the Lambert’s father-daughter rift and thoughtfully provided nearly a hundred fake press-on tattoos for the tour crew to wear during a group photo once the tour officially wrapped. The lighthearted surprise went over well and even Rick joined in on the fun by also rocking some fake ink.

“It sort of like broke the ice between me and my dad and he talked to me again and wasn’t mad anymore, so I like to say that George Strait helped mend my dad and my relationship over the tattoo incident,” Lambert shared with a smile and a hearty laugh.

Watch Miranda tell the whole heartwarming story below!

See, a lil’ George Strait can solve any problem! The country music icon is all ready for his 2017 multi-show run of 2 Nights of No. 1s in Las Vegas, where he performs two nights worth of his biggest career hits. The first set of dates wrapped up over the weekend with July 28-29, Sept. 1-2, and Dec. 8-9 left on the agenda. Rising country music starlet Cam of “Burning House” fame is opening for the beloved superstar this time around.

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