Michael Ray Debuts New Breakup Ballad, “Her World Or Mine” [Video]

michael ray her world or mine

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Country music star Michael Ray's "Her World Or Mine" music video is packed full of emotion. Watch the artist belt out his latest here!

In “Her World Or Mine,” the latest track released from country music artist Michael Ray’s forthcoming album Amos, he examines both sides of a breakup and how painful moving on from a failed relationship can be.

“When I was in the studio recording this song, I struggled to get through it sometimes,” Ray shares, “I thought ‘Man, I am living every lyric of this song right now.’ At the time, I was going through a tough breakup, and on this album, I really want my fans to see me for me and be able to relate to that.”

One of us still has our picture taped up on the dash
One of us took that one from Mexico, threw it in the trash
One of us don’t even notice
When the radio plays that song
One of us breaks down and has to pull over
Whenever it comes on
No there ain’t no in between
When it comes to her and me

One of us moved on, one of us got stuck
One of us is drinkin’ just for fun
One of us is drinkin’ to get drunk
One of us sleeps good
One of us hates to face the night
Just depends if you’re talkin’ about
Her world or mine

“Her World Or Mine” is the third track available to fans from Amos. It follows singles, “Get To You” and “Fan Girl.” The record is available for pre-order now and will drop on June 1st. Check out the emotional official music video below!

Amos Track Listing & Songwriters

“Fan Girl” (Matt Jenkins/Brad Tursi/Josh Osborne)
“One That Got Away” (Josh Osborne/Matthew Ramsey/Trevor Rose/Jesse Frasure)
“Summer Water” (Heather Morgan/Lee Thomas Miller)
“Get To You” (Abe Stoklasa/Pavel Dovgalyuk)
“Forget About It” (Luke Laird/Jaren Johnston)
“Her World Or Mine” (Brett Beavers/Jamie Paulin/Travis Denning)
“You’re On” (Chase McGill/Jessi Alexander/Matt Jenkins)
“I’m Gonna Miss You” (Corey Crowder/Matt McGinn)
“Dancing Forever” (Ross Copperman/Shane McAnally/Matt Ramsey/Trevor Rosen)
“Girl From Spring Break” (Ben Hayslip/Emily Weisband/ Rhett Akins)
“Drink One For Me” (Josh Thompson/Jimmy Robbins/Jon Nite)

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