Meet The Henningsens, A Country Music Trio

Meet The Henningsens, A Country Music Trio

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Meet The Henningsens, a country music trio originating from Illinois with a passion for writing country music. They eventually made a career out of it!

Brian Henningsen once dreamed of becoming a country music star, but he put that dream aside to start a family first.  Later, he found his family bringing that dream back into focus.  He started the musical group called The Henningsens with his eldest son, Aaron, and his daughter, Clara.  The trio made their country music debut in 2013 with their hit single “American Beautiful.”  The song sparks a feeling of patriotism and love, and it also reflects on their journey into the music business.

The Henningsens have a vibrant and fresh sound of their own with Clara singing the lead vocals.  Aaron plays guitar while Brian plays the bass and guitar, and they both sing backup vocals as well.  But it was their songwriting ability that began turning heads in Nashville.  They teamed up with another family trio music group, now called The Band Perry.

The Henningsens first scored big with a couple hits made popular by The Band Perry, including “You Lie,” written by Brian, Aaron, and Clara, and the #1 hit, “All Your Life,” also written by Brian and Clara.  The Henningsens write lyrics that tend to be very descriptive.  According to The Henningsens’ website, Brian describes their songwriting by saying, “…we’re trying to make a little movie play in your mind.”

Their career began to take off.  The Henningsens wrote all four songs on their self-titled debut EP, which was released in 2013.  With lyrical imagery and energy, the EP showcases the trio’s talents.  After collaborating with some of Nashville’s top music directors for the EP, The Henningsens’ careers continues to grow.  They just released a full album in June of 2016 titled World’s On Fire.  This album was a personal project that blends fan favorites with some new songs.

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Clara displays her powerhouse vocals throughout this album.  Whether she sings a catchy tune like “Sugar Rush” or a sassy one like “Love You Til The End,” Clara Henningsen proves she has what it takes to be a successful singer in the country music world.  The album also features the men of the trio.  Brian sings the original song “Hank,” and Aaron sings a ballad called “Country Cool.”

So far, The Henningsens have toured with stars including Brad Paisley.  They will continue making and performing music that entertains, empowers, and resonates on an emotional level with fans.  Go check out the down-to-earth Henningsens as their country music careers as a family continue to rise!


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