Meet Pennsylvania’s Hard-Hitting Andy Davis Band

andy davis band

photo: Andy Davis Band Facebook

Andy Davis Band is working hard to light up the music scene in Pennsylvania and beyond! Check out the group's single "Small Town" here.

Andy Davis is a singer-songwriter out of southwestern Pennsylvania whose creative output has been inspired by a variety people, life experiences, and circumstances. His brand of outlaw country mixed with elements of rock music has evolved into his signature musical style.

“Singing is just something I’ve always done. I can’t put any more clearly than by saying that it’s what I do,” Davis shares. “Songwriting is a similar thing. I guess I started doing it as another outlet for my emotion as well as my creativity. Once again, it’s what I do.”

Following several line up changes, Andy Davis Band is now complete and running full steam ahead with Andy Davis (lead singer/songwriter), Jason Roberts (lead guitar/vocals), Adam Leonard (rhythm guitar/vocals), Dave Gregory (bass guitar), and Mike “Reverend Rambo” Bates (drums). In only a short time, the talented group has shared the stage with some of country’s biggest names and is pushing to leave their mark on the genre through their original music. Andy Davis Band’s Small Town EP dropped on April 14th.

Watch the official music video for the project’s title track, “Small Town,” below!

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