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Texas-born country music artist Granger Smith's wife, Amber Emily Bartlett Smith, is no stranger to the limelight. More here!

Granger Smith’s Wife, Amber Emily Barlett Smith, also hails from the fine state of Texas. Granger Smith is a country music artist from Dallas, Texas and has been crossing over into mainstream country music for the past few years. His most famous single is “Backroads Song,” but you might also recognize him as his funny alter-ego “Earl Dibbles Jr”. So how did Texas-born actress Amber Emily Bartlett become Granger Smith’s wife? Well the pair met on the shoot of a music video, of course!

Bartlett graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2005 with a B.A. in Broadcast Communication/News and a Minor in Sociology and began acting the following year, landing a spot in an unknown film titled All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. The films Bartlett is known best for include Beneath the Darkness (2011), Monsterwolf (2010) and Hot Air (2016).

The actress met Smith on his music video shoot set and the pair were married in 2010. Below is a picture that Bartlett posted from the early days of their relationship.

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Because I miss him… Just a couple of babies dating 💕 #HappensLikeThat

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However, don’t think it was all romance in the beginning. Smith actually describes how he met his wife as a bit “creepy” because it was through an unsolicited message on Facebook that stemmed from a music video ‘girlfriend’ search! In 2009, Smith posted an ad on Craigslist in search of a leading lady for his “Don’t Listen to the Radio” video. This was before Smith was known in the music industry so the ad just said: “Country singer looking for female girlfriend for music video role.”

“We went to a hotel conference room and they came in one at a time. They would talk for a second and then I would take a picture with them, like a prom date picture,” Smith recalled.

However, Bartlett didn’t respond to the original Craigslist post and Smith chose one of the girls from the hotel for the part. Later that evening, Smith was having regrets about his decision and got on Facebook. The popular social media platform suggested Bartlett as “someone you might know” and Smith saw her picture and messaged her about the music video. Needless to say, she said yes and the rest is history!

Watch the music video that started it all below!

Granger Smith’s Wife Stars in “Don’t Listen to the Radio” Music Video

The pair married on February 11, 2010 and still live in their home state of Texas. On June 5, 2019, Granger and Amber tragically lost their 3-year-old son, River, due to accidental drowning. The couple are also the parents of daughter London and son Lincoln.

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8 months since I kissed his sweet face. Struggling this week. All the emotions – anger, sadness, fear and joy sprinkled in (Inside Out anyone?) Doesn’t help that I’m not feeling my best. Thanks cedar 😷. Being run down just feeds into the sadness. Digging into my devotionals and the word, but honestly, sometimes you just have to be present and sit in the suck for a little bit, feel it and then pick back up again. I’m reading a new book called Option B. We are all living some sort of option B. We can’t always have our option A, with perfect little lives and joy all the time, so we have to “kick the crap out of Option B” and sometimes C or D. God will work all things out for good. I felt God so closely for the last few months. I feel like he’s been a little more silent lately but I’m ok with that. I mean he was silent for 400 years. I think I can handle a few days or weeks. “Even when I don’t see it, you’re working, even when I don’t feel it you’re working”. Someone also said in bible study this week, “we are so lucky because we have God’s word. Even when we feel like he’s silent, he’s not. We can read his word, he’s always speaking to us.” I love that. I’m resting in that. 🙏🏼

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The pair recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Read their heartfelt messages to each other below!

Granger to Amber

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It’s not real. – What you see: A couple seemingly in love. Living out the fairytale story draped in the sunset sky with a blue wood planked porch, white antique rocking chair, barefoot, sun kissed hair and summer tanned skin. A couple without a care in the world because LOVE has so consumed them. – Oh yah, and there’s a camera dude. And another guy holding a bounce board for perfect light. There’s a slew of other characters behind that making damn sure the fairytale looks believable. It’s okay, it’s my job and I’m used to it. It’s part of what I do in the lens of a camera to sell a song or a lifestyle or a brand. But just because its for sale doesn’t make it 100% REAL. At some level, you (the reader of this post) will only see the side we allow you to see at the time. That’s how humans work. Anyone that’s ever chosen a family photo according to the least crooked of their crooked smiles, knows what I mean. – What I see: 2 people in a storm. Hanging on to God for truth and guidance like a lone fence post in a ravaging wind. I see a girl hurting. Drawing on unimaginable strength just to continue on with necessary motherly duties. Clinging to the Bible like it’s a life raft hurdling through an unknown sea. I see a man, savagely battling a relentless demon. Shielded only by Faith and masking the crippling weakness brought on by his deep shame; his failure as a father. – But we’re still in love. Stronger than ever before, but it feels different in its evolution now. It’s not the fairytale, but the vulnerability that fuels the fire. The very essence of what makes us human…bounded by integrity and truth but still fundamentally flawed…that makes our love mature. – It’s always sweet to see a young couple exchange vows and rings. But it’s truly special when you see the old couple holding hands on the sidewalk. Because you know the peaks and valleys they’ve climbed together, the storms they’ve weathered, the mature love that’s endured. THAT is the real fairytale. – I guess I just want to say that today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. And I love @amberemilysmith a whole bunch. And it will take more than “til death do us part.” ❤️🦋

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Amber to Granger

Amber has been so strong and open about what she and her family have been though over the last several months. We wish the best for this family as they continue to heal. Share this closer look at Granger Smith’s wife with other country music fans! 

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