Martina McBride Wrong Again (Video and lyrics)

Martina McBride Wrong Again

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The Martina McBride Wrong Again song was was released in September 1998 as the fourth single from McBride’s Evolution album. This song reached Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart starting January 23, 1999.

The lyrics of “Wrong Again” tell the story of a woman who finds herself in a familiar situation – being wrong about love once more. McBride’s emotive delivery captures the pain and disappointment of a love gone wrong. The song explores the vulnerability of the human heart and the struggles of navigating relationships.

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Martina McBride Wrong Again Audio Video

This song was written by Cynthia Weil and Tommy Lee James.

Martina McBride Wrong Again Lyrics

From the day we met
You made me forget
All my fears
You knew just what to say
And you kissed away
All my tears
I knew this time I had finally found
Someone to build my life around
Be a lover and a friend
After all my heart had put me through
I knew that it was safe with you
What we had would never end…
Wrong Again.
Everybody swore
They’d seen this before
We’d be fine
And you’d come to see
That you still love me
In good time
And they said there’s nothing you can do
It’s something that he’s going through
It happens to a lot of men
And I told myself that they were right
That you’d wake up and see the light
And I just had to wait till then
Wrong again…
And it seemed to me the pain would last
My chance for happiness had passed
Nothing waited ’round the bend
I was sure I’d never find someone
To heal the damage you had done
My poor heart would never mend
Wrong again
Wrong again

Martina McBride’s “Wrong Again” stands as a testament to her artistry and ability to convey complex emotions through her music. The song’s enduring popularity is a reflection of its relatable theme, powerful lyrics, and McBride’s remarkable vocal talent.

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