Maren Morris Adds “Fashion Model” to Her Career Titles

Maren Morris Adds “Fashion Model” to Her Career Titles

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Country music singer Maren Morris has signed a modeling contract, which is the first of it’s kind in country music and the modeling world.

“My Church” singer Maren Morris is known for her powerful voice and sultry good looks, now she is taking the fame for the latter to the next level. Morris signed a contract with the celebrity division of Wilhelmina Models in New York City, the contract will signify the first of it’s kind with a female country music artist.

“I think it’s important to establish you don’t need to look like this person to believe you’re worthwhile and beautiful. I think it’s been really inspiring to see my fans and young girls and girls my age look at me as someone to model after — you don’t need to look perfect or sound perfect,” Morris told People.

The agency feels the same way about their new model and seems very excited to work with her.

“Maren is a singular talent,” said Wilhelmina Models’ CEO Bill Wackermann. “She’s not only beautiful and hardworking but she’s so relatable, and that will never go out of style.”

Morris recognizes in herself something that makes her stand out from other female country music singers and her fans love her for it.

“…I think that’s what gravitates my fans to me and my music. I definitely have an edge to what I say in my songs and it translates visually as well to my personal style,” Morris continued.

Sassy pants.

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It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for Morris when it comes to her fashion choices. The singer has gotten some backlash over her choice of outfits that she has squashed on social media with a basic attitude of “haters gonna hate”. Now, Morris will be able to more fully embrace her love of pushing the limits with her wardrobe and appearance with the help of a successful modeling agency behind her.

“Bridging that fashion and country music gap is such an amazing step forward for them and our genre. And I think it will certainly bring country music and its artists into the conversation with the high-fashion world” Morris commented, referring to the modeling contract.

Her first appearance as a signed model will be on the red carpet at the CMA Awards on November 8th and we are sure the photographers won’t be disappointed.

The contract Morris signed will have her posing in magazines, collaborations with fashion companies to styling her for red carpet events (such as the CMAs), and working with her for album artword.

“Having a partner like this who is so keen on honing in those visual marks is going to be a really amazing,” Morris said of the partnership.

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