Maddie & Tae Release Emotional Video for “Fly” [WATCH]

Maddie & Tae Children's Hospital

photo: Maddie & Tae/YouTube

Maddie & Tae went to the Monroe Carol Jr Children's Hospital to film their new video. Watch the magic overflow.

Ever since their first single “Girl In a Country Song” went number one, the female duo Maddie & Tae has been on fire. The two are a breathe of fresh air for the country scene as they write their own songs and scatter sunshine everywhere they go with their fun personalities.

The duo’s latest creation is their music video for their second single, “Fly.” The new music video is inspiring to say the least as they filmed it at the Monroe Carol Jr Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville.

The video shows lots of happy children at the hospital as Maddie & Tae sing them an uplifting message with incredible harmonies. Check out the video below for their new single “Fly.”

Looks like everyone had some fun would you say? Be on the lookout for lots more Maddie & Tae. These girls are on the rise and there’s no end in sight.

Their current single, “Shutup and Fish,” is currently on country radio and you can get that, as well as ten other songs from their first album Start Here, by clicking HERE.

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