Maddie & Tae Describe How They Got Their Start [Video]

Maddie & Tae video

photo: Maddie and Tae Facebook

Maddie & Tae, along with the folks at Dot Records, explain the beginnings of the popular country music duo. Watch the video here!

Pop country pair Maddie & Tae have been pretty busy lately, touring all over the United States and keeping up with their many business endeavors. Their talent is unmatched and their success is obvious, but here are some questions for you: Where did the whole thing start? How did “Maddie & Tae” happen?

The super cute duo spoke of their beginnings and how they have gotten where they are today with Dot Records. In the short below, the individuals who have the privilege to work with the girls on their label share their feelings on Maddie & Tae and how they saw them blossom into successful artists.

Enjoy the clip below!

As expected, the duo are described as motivated, hardworking, and absolutely talented. Dot Records took an instant liking to Maddie and Tae, knowing that big things lie ahead for the young women. They weren’t mistaken.

It’s undeniable that a large contributor to the girls’ success is how well they work together, and their passion for both their music and their strong friendship. “It’s such a blessing to get to do what you love every single day,” the girls commented in the video short. “God wasn’t in on the memo, we were supposed to be sisters.”

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