Luke Bryan’s Goats Love the Trampoline, Seriously [Videos]

luke bryan goats

photo: Caroline Boyer Bryan Instagram

Country music superstar Luke Bryan's goats have discovered the family's trampoline and they can't get enough of it! Watch the videos...

Country music entertainer Luke Bryan, wife Caroline Boyer Bryan, and their family are proud caretakers to many cute barnyard animals due to their establishment of Brett’s Barn in honor of their late infant niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, who passed away in February 2017.

During an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Luke revealed that the living memorial to their niece coordinates with local charities to bring kids out to visit and interact with the animals.

In addition to Brett’s Barn, Luke and Caroline have also thrown their support behind The Brett Boyer Foundation, which was created by Brett’s loving parents.

“We started The Brett Boyer Foundation in attempt to improve the treatment of CHD [Congenital Heart Disease] and to spread love and awareness of down syndrome. It all started as we were blessed with our daughter Brett, ‘our queen bee’ husband and I were uneducated on DS and CHD and realized how much of our world is in the dark about the underfunding of research to improve the lives of those living with both. Our mission is simply to pour out the love that Brett filled us with. After living through a scary diagnosis we knew nothing about, to finding the greatest joy in our beloved daughter, we feel called to shed light on the incredible people with an extra chromosome, and also to provide research for better lives of the 1 in 100 children living with CHD,” Ellen Boyer recently shared on Instagram about the family’s efforts.

The Brett Boyer Foundation’s goal is as follows:

“The mission of the Brett Boyer Foundation is to raise awareness for children with Congenital Heart Disease and Down Syndrome through the funding of advanced, targeted research to improve patients’ lives and to provide education, housing and financial support to affected families.”

As can be seen through Caroline’s numerous Instagram posts, the residents of Brett’s Barn have plenty of attitude and personality! Scroll through the post below to watch three of the family’s goats play on a trampoline!

Oh my goodness, goats are hilarious on their own but go next-level with a trampoline! Share this update with other fans of the Bryan family.

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