Luke Bryan Talks Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction [Video]

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Country music star Luke Bryan's wardrobe malfunction story could have been a lot worse if a fan didn't point out his situation...

You never know what you’re going to see when standing in the front row of a concert! Especially one of Luke Bryan‘s concerts…

Bryan couldn’t hide his wardrobe malfunction from Jimmy Fallon while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! Catch the full interview below!

Making sure the audience got one last laugh before his time was up with Luke, Fallon showed the footage of the country star’s embarrassing wardrobe mishap. Bryan, known for shaking his hips and dancing on stage, gave the front row a show! As the singer was pelvic thrusting, a fan caught his eye as they motioned for him to zip up his fly…

Bryan couldn’t have had a better reaction as he stopped singing and told the audience his zipper was down and then proceeded to throw the fan a beer as a ‘thank you.’

Luke admitted to Fallon, “In all my years — never. I’ve fallen off stages, forgot words, said the wrong city — first time, fly down,” the Georgia native quipped.

The country star then explained how a quick wardrobe change caused him to overlook zipping up his pants— “I look down and my jacket or something that I had on was taking all of the paint off my guitar. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, my jacket’s destroying my guitar so I ran off, did a wardrobe change and through that, just forgot one small detail … not small detail, you know what I mean.” The country star and the host then lost their composure laughing at the embarrassing moment.

Bryan recently released his 15-track album, What Makes You Country, and will be joining American Idol judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry as the show debuts in March on ABC!

“What Makes You Country” Track List 

    1. What Makes You Country
    2. Out Of Nowhere Girl
    3. Light It Up
    4. Most People Are Good
    5. Sunrise Sunburn, Sunset
    6. Bad Lovers
    7. Drinking Again
    8. Land Of A Million Songs
    9. Like You Say You Do
    10. Hooked On It
    11. She’s A Hot One
    12. Hungover In A Hotel Room
    13. Pick It Up
    14. Driving This Thing
    15. Win Life

Listen to the official “Out Of Nowhere Girl” audio below!

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