Luke Bryan Talks ‘Booty’ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Luke Bryan The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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Luke Bryan's The Ellen DeGeneres Show interview is pure gold.

While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, country music star Luke Bryan revealed that he has been forced to create very specific rules when it comes to his most famous asset— his bottom. Look, but please don’t touch!   Watch as he explains this important rule to Ellen on her show:

The “Move” singer also admitted that during the early days of his career he was afraid to upset his fans, so he’d sometimes let them touch his backside if they asked nicely first.   Luke is rather notorious for shakin’ his booty on stage during his tour performances.

Luke Bryan Booty


After Luke performed his latest single, Ellen just couldn’t resist testing the entertainer’s boundaries…

His reaction to Ellen is priceless.

We expect Luke Bryan will continue to gain attention for his tour performance Booty Shakin’ that you can see in action here:

Luke also demonstrates some of his signature moves in his latest Music video for “Move”:


Luke Bryan is currently busy with his 2016 Farm Tour playing in several cities including:

Luke Bryan’s 2016 Farm Tour Dates:

Oct. 5 – Gaston, S.C. @ Culler Farms (Smith, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 6 – Greenback, Tenn. @ Maple Lane Farms (Langston, Smith, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 7 – Elizabethtown, Ky. @ Highland Farms (Smith, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 8 – Monroeville, Ind. @ Spangler Farms (Langston, Smith, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 12 – Batesville, Miss. @ FT Farms (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 13 – Prairie Grove, Ark. @ Ogden Ranch (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 14 – Centralia, Mo. @ Stowers Farm (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)
Oct. 15 – Effingham, Ill. @ Mid America Motorworks (Langston, Janson, Peach Pickers)

Luke is bringing friends to several of his Farm Tour stops including a rotating cast of Granger Smith, Chris Janson, Jon Langston and the Peach Pickers for several of his tour dates.

You may view the latest tour schedule updates by clicking here.

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