Luke Bryan Reveals Bucket List & Plans Ahead of 40th Birthday [Videos]

luke bryan

photo: c/o Cabela's

Luke Bryan hits a major life milestone in July!

Luke Bryan turns 40-years-old on July 17th and when Entertainment Tonight Canada asked the country music sensation about his personal bucket list, the results were absolutely heartwarming. Watch the interview clip below!

Luke Bryan’s Simple Bucket List:

1) “Just continue enjoyment and happiness in the music business.”
2) “I just want to sit at my piano and write songs.”
3) “I want to watch my boys swim and play on the farm.”
4) “Just make sure that I’m in a good place and having fun.”
5) “I want to push myself to try new venues.”
6) “Focus on enjoying it and trying to be a better singer and writer every day.”

Given his fame and endless resources, Luke Bryan can have anything on the planet— but he just wants to be with his beautiful family with wife Caroline Boyer Bryan, work on his craft, and maintain happiness. And that’s why we love him… he also revealed his outdoorsy birthday plans and more about his upcoming Farm Tour EP!

We hope Luke gets all of his birthday wishes this year!

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