Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon Team Up For “I Don’t Know How to Pronounce Gyro”

luke bryan jimmy fallon

photo: YouTube

Is it "gwy-ro," "yurro," or "worbste?" Let country star Luke Bryan and television host Jimmy Fallon help you figure it out...

Georgia native Luke Bryan has a deep, dark secret— he never got the hang of pronouncing the word “gyro.” You know, the delicious pita sandwich filled with rotisserie-style meat.

Fortunately, while the country star was in New York City to play Madison Square Garden, his friend Jimmy Fallon was on the scene to help out. The pair even recorded a special song dubbed “I Don’t Know How to Pronounce Gyro” to help the befuddled entertainer master the word.

Thankfully, the street food vendor eventually turned up to provide his guidance.

Watch the hilarity unfold below!

“The truth is so delicious to find. No more fear-o…,” Jimmy and Luke celebrated upon learning the correct pronunciation.

Despite receiving a real education about gyros, Luke needs to work on shish kebabs and hummus next. We’d love for Jimmy and Luke to collaborate on more food-themed songs in the future.

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