Luke Bryan’s ‘Here’s To The Farmer’ Push Nets 1 Million Meal Donations

luke bryan here's to the farmer

photo: Luke Bryan Facebook

Country music entertainer Luke Bryan and Bayer's 'Here's To The Farmer' campaign was a big success and surpassed its goal in less than four months! More here...

Country music superstar Luke Bryan and Bayer’s joint ‘Here’s To The Farmer’ campaign has resulted in over one million meals¬†being donated to hungry families across the nation. Earlier this year, Luke’s fans were asked to give thanks to American farmers while also helping hungry Americans by sharing #HeresToTheFarmer. For each hashtag used Bayer donated one meal through Feeding America. The campaign, coinciding with the 2017 Luke Bryan Farm Tour, set a target of 1 million meals donated before the end of the year. With the help of fans, farmers, and communities across the country, the ‘Here’s To The Farmer’ campaign reached and surpassed this goal in less than four months!

“We want to give a huge ‘thank you’ to Luke, his fans, state officials, and of course, America’s farmers, for making Here’s To The Farmer an overwhelming success,” said Ray Kerins, SVP for Bayer, in a press release. “Farming communities across this great nation deserve our thanks and support. Here’s To The Farmer is one way Bayer was able to help hungry American families and we are incredibly proud of this campaign.”

“I come from a farming background so I understand the hard work and passion it takes for farmers to feed America and feed the world,”¬†shared Luke Bryan in the statement. It just seemed like a perfect fit for me to partner with Bayer on the Here’s to the Farmer campaign.”

In addition to providing meals, the campaign also helped tackle hunger locally by donating over $10,000 to area food banks, and by honoring a local farmer on stage with Luke Bryan at each Farm Tour stop.

Great work! To celebrate, let’s take a look back at a song that displays Bryan’s country roots 2007’s “Country Man.”

“Country Man” Lyrics

You need hands, rough not soft
To come and warm you up up in that cold hayloft
Let me hold you little darling in my big strong arms
Can’t get these kind of muscles anywhere but a farm
Hey, I’m a country man
A city boy can’t do the things I can
I can grow my own groceries
And salt cure a ham
Hey baby, I’m a country man
I’ve got a jeep with camouflage seats
That way nobody sees us parked back up in these trees
Your little ipod loaded down with Hoobastank
Don’t be a tape player hater girl were groovin’ to Hank
Hey, I’m a country man
A city boy can’t do the things I can
I can hot-wire your tractor
And plow up your land
Hey baby, I’m a country man
You like the ivy league hum-v tennis sweater type
But girl I’m here to tell you don’t believe the hype
Hey, I’m a country man
I can wrestle hogs and gators with my two bare hands
Girl you better move quick
I’m in high demand
Hey baby, I’m a country man
Hey, I’m a country man
Huntin’ me a good ole’ country girlfriend
Why don’t you come and join me
In my new deerstand
Hey baby, I’m a country man
Hey baby, I’ma country man

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