Lonestar Announced 2017 Fan Club Party

Lonestar Announced 2017 Fan Club Party
The Lonestar 2017 Fan Club Party will be on June 7, and guests get a special visit to The Band Cave where the group does a lot of their music work!

photo: Lonestar Official Website
Lonestar announced the 2017 Fan Club party!  On June 7, 2017, registered fans will get to go to Nashville, Tennessee for the event.  The Country music group gives fans exclusive access to a party with the band.  Every year, these parties include lunch, souvenirs, door prizes, and other fun surprises!  But it gets even better.  The band is taking the Fan Club party into their personal Band Cave, which is a warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee where they practice, play, and write music!

The Band Cave resembles a man cave, but it is also where the music-writing magic happens.  Most of their tenth album, Never Enders, was written in this warehouse.  It is their home away from home, and it is where they spend most of their time together.  Guests of the 2017 Fan Club party are invited into this personal space for an exclusive experience, as if they are part of the band for a day.  Tickets are on sale now for just $50 each, and seating for the party is limited.

This year, the guys of the band are planning all the details for the party to make sure fans have the ultimate experience.  Richie McDonald sings lead vocals and is excited to share new music with fans.  Michael Britt provides the lead instrumentals of their music rooted in Country with is guitar skills and Keech Rainwater steadies the beat with his drum-playing.  Dean Sams does a mix of everything, and he even produced their latest album, Never Enders, which was released in 2016.

They will be touring the U.S. beginning in March, and they will play songs from the new album.  The group looks forward to meeting fans and hosting their 2017 Lonestar Fan Club Party.  Get your tickets soon!

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Click below to listen to Lonestar’s “No News,” their first #1 hit on the Billboard Country Music charts!

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