Logan Mize Gives Insight on Heartland Upbringing

Logan Mize Gives Insight on Heartland Upbringing

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“Can’t Get Away from a Good Time" singer Logan Mize talks about being raised in a small town in Kansas and how it has influenced his music.

Where you were raised has a lot to do with the adult you become. That can also be said for the artist you become if you choose that path. Logan Mize credits his small town upbringing with the songs he creates and recently sat down to talk about it in his video series Road to a Good Time.

In the first episode of this series, Mize discusses his route to music and how it all began.

Now in episode two, he’s talking about his childhood in the heartland of America.

“So the little town I’m from in Kansas it’s called Clearwater,” Mize says.

“Everything I knew was in a couple of blocks radius — both sets of grandparents, all my cousins, aunts, uncles, my grandfather’s grocery store …[which was] the center of the town and everyone in my family worked there.”

Many country music fans can relate to Mize’s hometown memories. Country music is of course the music of America, so his re-telling rings true with the music he is creating.

In the video, Logan continues to tell the story of his family.

“My dad runs the butcher shop. My sister runs the bakery,” he explains.

“I was around all my family all the time, and leaving was a little bit tough, you know, especially because they’re all still there, but they definitely won’t ever let me forget where I came from.”

Fans can expect five more episodes, with a new one debuting each week. To keep up with the video series Road to a Good Time, visit Logan Mize‘s VEVO page HERE.

Logan Mize is on the radio now with his debut single, “Can’t Get Away from a Good Time”.

With more than 3.6 million streams and more than 100,000 copies sold, “Can’t Get Away from a Good Time” continues to earn its place as a fan-favorite, cheered by MusicRow as “a good-natured, smiling bopper with personality to spare,” while Roughstock calls the single “infectious and utterly charming.”

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