Lauren Alaina Has Sweet Encounter with Young Blind Fan

lauren alaina blind fan

photo: Lauren Alaina Facebook

During a recent event, country music starlet Lauren Alaina gave a 7-year-old blind fan a memory to cherish for a lifetime. More here!

Country music artist Lauren Alaina, 22, has one heck of a big heart. The “Doin’ Fine” singer has a way about her that makes it easy for her to connect with those around her. Seven-year-old fan AJ Hillebrand, who has been blind since birth, got to experience Lauren’s welcoming spirit for himself at the B100 Brithday Party event recently held at the St. Joseph County Fairgrounds in Indiana.

The youngster waited in the autograph line with his mother, Heather, for a chance to meet Alaina in person. When they reached the front of the line, the star immediately knelt down to meet the young fan without being told that he was blind. She took AJ’s hands and placed them on her face so he could ‘see her.’

“My heart melted. The fact that she already knew, or could just tell, literally made me tear up immediately,” Heather told Sounds Like Nashville. “The fact that she took so much time with him when she had a long line of people waiting was amazing.”

She is amazing I didn't even have to tell her he was blind she already knew and signed his heart 😍😍😍😍😍

Posted by Heather DeLaine Hillebrand on Sunday, August 27, 2017

AJ’s mother continued to explain how much it meant to him to meet Lauren Alaina. “AJ is still saying she’s in his heart forever. He was so happy. He was also super tired at this point in the day, but he woke right up when she started talking to him. He is a very humble little boy. He is also young, so he is just like ‘Mommy, why is everyone talking about me?’ I tell him because he is a very special little boy and what Lauren Alaina took the time to do with you was very special. He just smiles really big and says ‘She kissed me.'”

His meaningful interaction with Alaina was captured by Brad King, a DJ at B100, who later tweeted some photos from the meeting. Alaina then replied, “That little boy made my whole day. He’s a little angel. I love him.”

Heather was surprised to find out that Alaina remembered the special moment with her son, especially since the singer met with many fans throughout the day. The memory she has of Alaina connecting with her son is one she won’t forget.

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