Thomas Rhett’s Wife, Lauren Akins, Dishes on Mother & Daughters

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photo: Lauren Akins Instagram/ Jeremy Cowart, Southern Living

Lauren Akins' mother, Lisa, has taught her a lot about embracing motherhood and raising her two daughters. Listen to Lauren's take on her family here!

Country music star Thomas Rhett‘s wife, Lauren Akins, jumped straight into motherhood when the couple welcomed daughter Willa Gray home from Uganda last May. While quickly adjusting to raising a toddler, the Georgia native was also pregnant with the couple’s first biological child, Ada James, who arrived in August.

In a recent interview with Southern Living, Lauren got candid about becoming a mother of two little girls within less than a year and also touched upon what she has learned from her own mother, Lisa Gregory.

“I cannot tell you how many people have come up to me and just seen me, even without my kids, and they’re like, “Whoa, you look just like your mom! You know, and I’ll say something, they’re like, “Whoa, you sound just like your mom! And so, I feel like more so since I’ve had kids, people have told me that, and I just think that’s like the best compliment anyone could ever give me, because…I can’t ever imagine being that good, or that kind of a mom,” Lauren confesses.

“Her spirit is what I love most because it’s the sweetest and it’s unbreakable, truly,” Lauren adds about her loving mother. “We could be in the worst situation ever and she will come up with some amazing, positive reason why it’s happening or make us all laugh.”

“When I dreamed of becoming a mom, I had only a daughter’s point of view. After watching my mom ‘mother’ us (having the happiest childhood imaginable), I thought I pretty much had the ‘mom thing’ figured out. Yeah, right. I appreciate my mom in a whole new way now that I have experienced firsthand the crazy sacrifice she made for us. But more than a sacrifice, it’s an unmatched, indescribable gift,” Lauren shared in a message published by the outlet.

Watch Lauren discuss Willa and Ada’s growing bond as sisters below!

“No other accomplishment in my life is even comparable to being a mom. Nothing in the world could be more rewarding. Motherhood has topped it all. I may not remember the last time I washed my hair. I may have slept just five hours last night. My social circle may now consist of only a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old. (Do my dogs count?) I may never squeeze back into my skinny jeans again—if I do, I definitely won’t look the same. But my goodness, if I was put on this earth for anything, it’s to be a mom. And it’s worth it all,” Lauren concludes.

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