LANCO Dishes on Making Their Debut Album, ‘Hallelujah Nights’

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LANCO recently dropped their debut studio album, 'Hallelujah Nights.' Learn more about the rising country band and how they got their start here!

Country music group LANCO‘s debut album, Hallelujah Nights, dropped on Friday, January 19. The record includes 11 tracks that give listeners a look into the life of the band, comprised of Brandon Lancaster, Chandler Baldwin, Jared Hampton, Tripp Howell and Eric Steedly.

“It’s a surreal feeling for us that the wait is over and our first record will finally be out for the world to hear,” Lancaster stated in a press release. “Every song on Hallelujah Nights represents a piece of who we are and the experiences that led to this moment. What started as a dream when it was just the five of us jamming in a two-bedroom house has finally become a reality and I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends and team to go through this journey with.”

Each member of the band brings different musical influences to the table. This results in a long list of artists that helped shape the band into their own musical style. Some of those artists are featured on the project.

“I think that was the important thing to us, that this album showcased the entire journey of LANCO up to this moment,” Lancaster shared. “There’s songs showcasing where we have been, there’s songs showcasing where we are, and songs showcasing where we’re going.”

Hallelujah Nights Track List 

Born to Love You
Long Live Tonight
Pick You Up
Greatest Love Story
We Do
Trouble Maker
Singin’ at the Stars
Win You Over
So Long (I Do)
Middle of the Night
Hallelujah Nights

It’s awesome to think that just five years ago, the group first played for a small group of friends. Now, they’re selling out shows!

Jay Joyce, who produced albums for big names such as Eric Church, Little Big Town and Keith Urban, also ended up producing LANCO’s first album. He decided to work with the band after meeting Lancaster, who worked concessions for a Little Big Town concert at the time.

“I was at my register and saw this guy walk by, and I knew it was Jay Joyce, or I thought it was.” So he stopped working and walked up to Joyce, thinking he may not respond…but he did!

The two chatted for almost half an hour, and then Joyce decided to give Lancaster a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He asked to hear some sample tracks and wanted to meet the rest of the band.

They were a small, upcoming band from Nashville, but after about four songs, Joyce said he wanted to get the guys in the studio to record as much music as possible.

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Even though this is the band’s first album, Joyce showed them the tough ropes of the music industry. It was important for them to make music reflective of who they are in order to connect with the audience.

“He’ll make you stand up; he’ll make you play like it’s a show,” Lancaster shared. “On one of the songs, I was recording vocals, and I had the lyrics on a stand. I was reading them, and he couldn’t see me … and he was like, ‘What’s the deal, man? It sounds like you don’t believe it. I’m not buying it.’ He walked in and he saw it and goes, ‘Are you using lyrics?'”

Joyce taught the boys an important lesson. According to Lancaster, he continued by saying, “How are you going to believe this if you have to read? You don’t even know these lyrics well enough to sing them, how are you going to believe them? How are you going to make me believe them?”

Lancaster says he is so excited for fans to have this new music and he hopes it will inspire them.

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