Kip Moore’s Underground EP To Drop Soon

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Kip Moore's Underground EP release date and track list have been revealed! More here.

Singer-songwriter Kip Moore‘s 5-track EP dubbed “Underground” will become available on October 28th. The project draws inspiration from his time touring and acts as a personal response to the demand from his fans for new music. Moore co-wrote every track on the EP and audiences across the country will be able to experience the new tracks live this fall on his Me and My Kind Tour.

Underground opens with his signature unapologetic, but confessional attitude in “All Time Low” which bleeds into the uptempo, “My Kind.” The tune “Midnight Slow Dance” provide fans with a new anthem and the reflective, but defiant “Separate Ways” is a musical treat. The EP culminates in the infectiously longing track “My Baby’s Gone,” showcasing Moore’s raw talent.

“The problem I often face is leaving behind some songs, because I never stop writing,” said Moore in a statement. “I write so many that some never see the light of day. I’ve been working on a full record, which looks to be coming out in late spring, but everywhere we go the fans keep asking for the recordings of these underground songs that they’ve been hearing for the last few years. They’re a passionate fan base so I decided to ask my label if I could record these songs live and give them the raw recordings. These songs are completely separate from the new record I’ve been making, I simply made this EP for the true fans.”

Underground EP Track List

1. All Time Low
(Kip Moore, Westin Davis, Luke Dick)

2. My Kind
(Kip Moore, Erik Dylan, Justin Weaver)

3. Midnight Slow Dance (Live)
(Kip Moore, Mike Elizondo, Dan Couch)

4. Separate Ways (Live)
(Kip Moore, Jordyn Mallory, Dan Couch)

5. My Baby’s Gone (Live)
(Kip Moore, William Rinehart, Nathaniel Rinehart)

The EP follows the release of Moore’s critically acclaimed sophomore album 2015’s Wild Ones and his 2012 debut album Up All Night. Share this news with other fans of the Georgia native!

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