Kip Moore Talks Songwriting at Intimate Performance

Kip Moore

photo: Kip Moore Music/Instagram

Kip Moore sat down with a few friends and an intimate audience at the Bluebird Cafe at the Tin Pan South Songwriting Festival in Nashville. Read the story!

Have you heard of Tin Pan South? It’s an awesome songwriting festival in Nashville that draws a huge crowd of fans as well as artists. This year Kip Moore stopped by The Bluebird Cafe on Friday to play a set with a few friends and to talk about his upcoming music.

Kip was joined by friends and co-writers Brett James, Caitlyn Smith and Justin Weaver who are the “original four” as they said, to be signed to Cornman Music nine years ago.


Love playin the blue bird cafe..special place

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Kip Moore started the music by playing “Crazy One More Time,” Caitlin sang a powerful version of “Before You Called Me Baby,” and Brett James played one of his huge hits for Carrie Underwood, “Something In The Water.”

Kip went on to talk about many topics including him wanting kids one day, as well as plans for a new album coming next year. Kip performed a few new songs including “Fast Women,” and “My Baby’s Gone,” as well as some songs off his sophomore album Wild Ones including “That Was Us.”

There’s no official news about the coming record but we’ll be sure to let you know when it drops. To read more trending news about Kip Moore click the big button below!

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