Kip Moore Finds Inspiration Through Sister’s Paralysis Journey

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Country music entertainer Kip Moore reveals that he found inspiration through watching his sister thrive despite facing hardships and losing her ability to walk.

Often times an older brother becomes a little sister’s biggest hero, but for Kip Moore, the roles seem to be reversed. You see, the star’s little sister, Jennifer, has become his biggest inspiration due to a life-changing accident and her battle with the impact of paralysis.

Fans of the big-hearted singer can find a great deal of insight in his 2017 documentary, “Journey To Slowheart.” Kip shares a lot about his life in the video, especially about his hero, Jennifer, and her amazing mentality despite her mobility issues.

Jennifer was only 16-years-old when she was in a severe car accident, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Kip, being in his 20’s at the time, has named the incident as “the first real tragic event that happened in our family.”

Moore shared with Rare Country, “It was devastating. We almost lost her the first couple of nights. She barely made it. She was in the hospital about six or seven months.”

Kip continued to say that he remembered watching her become depressed for about two years after the accident and how heartbreaking it was to witness Jennifer face the fact that she was never going to walk again. He reflected on how hard it was on the whole family to experience. Out of nowhere, Jennifer changed her mentality and began providing inspiration all around. “One day she just woke up and accepted what had happened and her whole vibe changed. She’s possibly the most consistently happy person, just a complete rockstar, that I’ve ever met,” the singer expressed.

In Kip’s documentary, Jennifer admits that her older brother has always been protective of her, even prior to the accident. She is reassured that he is always looking out for her. “As busy as he’s been, he still calls and checks up on me to make sure that everything’s going good. If I were to need anything, he would come through, for sure,” Jennifer reflected. The siblings seem to make a great team filled with support, trust, and inspiration!

Watch “Journey to Slowheart” below!

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